Inverness Town Twinning Committee is sponsored by the Inverness City Committe of the Highland Council and is administered by a voluntary committee elected annually from the citizens of Inverness

* Mr David Henderson(Chairman)
Mrs Dorothy Kew(Vice chairman)
* Miss Christina Cameron (Secretary)
* Mr Jim Convery(Treasurer)
* Mr Duncan Chisholm ( Augsburg Contact)
* Mr James Alexander(La Baule Contact)
* Mr John Bruce (St. Valery Contact)

Mr.James Alexander; Mrs Erin MacIver; Miss Christina Cameron; Mr Duncan Chisholm; Mr John Bruce; Mrs Deirdre Murray;Mrs Dorothy Kew; Mrs Kathleen Matheson; Mr David Henderson; Duncan MacDonald; Jim Convery)
Provost Helen Carmichael) Cllr. Jean Slater; Cllr Allan Duffy; ; Cllr Hamish Wood;Cllr Graham Ross; Mr David Haas (Ex-Officio

The Annual Public Meeting will be held in the Town House on Wednesday 12th April 2017 at 7.30pm.. All welcome.